8º Simpósio de Instrumentação e Imagens Médicas e 7º Simpósio de Processamento de Sinais

The 8th Simpósio de Instrumentação e Imagens Médicas (SIIM) and the 7th Simpósio de Processamento de Sinais (SPS) is happening at Universidade Federal do ABC (UFABC) between November 29th and December 1st of 2017. This event aims to gather professors, students and researchers that work in the area of signal processing, biomedical engeneering and biomedical imaging to show research results and discuss ideas. Yesterday, November 29th, three of our groups members were at the event, presenting their work: 60 - Apparent Fiber Density Alterations in the Brain during Aging M. Pinto, USP; A. C. dos Santos, FMRP-USP; C. Salmon, USP 128 - Evaluation of removing residual motion artifacts and global si

Educational course in resting state fMRI

Tomorrow, November 8th, at 4:30 PM, the department weekly lecture will be: Title: "Functional magnetic resonance images of the brain in resting state condition" Speaker: Professor Renata Ferranti Leoni Place: room 11 - B4. Abstract: In the last years, there is a increased interest in the study of a set of brain networks activated in resting state condition, without any brain stimuli. Functional images by magnetic resonance is a powerful non-invasive tool to investigate these networks, that results from different brain regions whose signals present temporal synchrony. This lecture will cover basic principles of acquisition and analysis of those images followed by some clinical applications. S

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