See you soon André!

Our friend André Monteiro Paschoal is leaving our laboratory for a few months to do part of his Doctorate abroad. Under the supervision of Professor Matthias van Osch he is going to study sequence design with a focus on cerebrovascular imaging, in the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). Veilige reizen!

New publication!

A new publication has been added by InBrain members. Bruno Hebling Vieira and Prof. Carlos Ernesto Garrido Salmon published a paper on the use of Dirichlet regression as a principled approach to the study of intersubject variations of squared Generalized Partial Directed Coherence, an effective connectivity estimator. Title: A principled multivariate intersubject analysis of Generalized Partial Directed Coherence with Dirichlet Regression: application to healthy aging in areas exhibiting cortical thinning (in press). DOI: On Researchgate: [Link] We congratulate our members for their hard work!

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