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At the InBrain Lab we work on the study of functional and structural properties of the brain through application of non-invasive physics techniques aimed at obtaining basic knowledge and methods for neuroscience and neuroradiology.

Main lines of research:

  • Neurovascular metabolic coupling (TMS, EEG, fMRI, NIRS, ASL, fMRS).

  • Structural connectivity and functional networks in brain normal aging (DTI, fMRI, EEG, ASL, TMS).

  • Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging techniques (Relaxometry, Magnetization Transfer, Diffusion, MRS, fMRI) to characterize central nervous system diseases (Epilepsy, Alzheimer Disease, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson).

  • Assessment of paramagnetic ions content in the human brain.

  • Neurofeedback.

Links & Partners

Graduate program:

Physics Applied to Medicine and Biology




Department of Physics




Biomag Lab



Faculty of Philosophy, Science and

Letters of Ribeirão Preto


University of São Paulo

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