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We are looking for students with an interest to know a little more about the human brain!

  • Metabolic response in the presence of short term visual stimuli

  • Assessment of channel combination techniques for spectroscopy dynamic studies

  • Intelligence prediction from structural and functional brain connectivity

  • Study of the brain metabolic and electric response in the presence of visual stimuli in oxygen depletion

  • Evaluation of paramagnetic ions in the brain and their relationship with quantitative imaging techniques

  • Study of the haemodynamic response function in epilepsy patients

  • Tractography as a priori information in the evaluation of EEG data of epilepsy patients

  • Implementation of neurofeedback in EEG/fMRI experiments applied to the control of anxiety disorders

  • Fetal tractography

  • Evaluation of the use of magnetic resonance images in radiotherapy planning

  • Study of acoustic noise as sensitivity element of auditory tasks in fMRI

  • Definition of neuronal area recruited during electric stimulation of upper limbs

  • Implementation and application of ultra-short TE sequence in the study of the musculoskeletal system

  • Implementation and acquisition of phosphor spectra in bone tissue for the functional evaluation in view of glucose overload

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