Approval on Qualification Exam - Pedro H. R. da Silva

Collectively, we congratulate Pedro on the approval of his Qualification Examination! We also thank Professors Oswaldo Baffa, Otávio Murta and Antonio Carlos dos Santos for the composition of the review committee and for the constructive criticism that will undoubtedly help Pedro to improve his thesis. Congratulations!

Qualification Exam - Pedro H. R. da Silva

Today, our member Pedro Henrique Rodrigues da Silva is set to qualify his doctorate thesis entitled "Redes cerebrais estruturais e funcionais: das conexões à cognição" (en. Functional and structural brain networks: from connections to cognition), under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Renata Ferranti Leoni. Everyone is invited to watch. Date: October 28th, 2018 Time: 2 PM Place: Room 220, Block B-2, Department of Physics

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InBrain undergraduate students at the 27th SIICUSP

Last month some of our undergraduate students had the opportunity to present their most recent results in the 27th SIICUSP, the International Symposium on Scientific and Technological Initiation. The following works were presented, encompassing several facets of the normal and pathological human brain. "Evaluation of the correlation between cerebral blood flow and cortical thickness in healthy aging" - Estela Duarte and Renata Leoni "Evaluation of cerebral blood flow maps for diagnosis of preclinical phase of Alzheimer's disease" - Júlia Palaretti, Pedro Henrique and Renata Leoni "Quantification of Paramagnetic Ions in Human Brain Tissue" - Hohana Gabriela, Fábio Seiji Otsuka and Carlos Erne

Time-encoded pCASL, 3D GRASE and Flow Compensation - ESMRMB 2019

The European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology (ESMRMB) 2019 annual meeting, held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, started on this Thursday, October 3rd and the InBrain Lab will be part of it. In a collaboration with the Radiology Department of the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), the study of our PhD student André Paschoal will be presented by Matthias van Osch, André's supervisor during his exchange period at the LUMC. In the study entitled "3D GRASE readout optimization for time-encoded pCASL", André optimized the 3D GRASE readout combined with hadamard-encoded pCASL in a single and multi-shot readout. It was also evaluated the effect of flow compensate gradients

Work presented at the XV Confiam on functional connectivity during a verbal fluency task

Isabella Velloso Arrigo presented today, Oct 3rd, at an oral session in the XV Confiam, at Botucatu where she presented some of her Master's latest results on the presentation titled “Brain Functional Connectivity of Semantic Verbal Fluency: A Finite Impulse Response Analysis” (pt. “Conectividade Funcional Cerebral da Fluência Verbal Semântica: Uma análise com Finite Impulse Response“).

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