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ISMRM 2017 - Starts Tomorrow!

The 25th ISMRM Annual Meeting & Exhibition will take place in Honolulu, HI, USA, between 22- 27 April, 2017.

ISMRM is one of the biggest MR events, with many courses, talks and presentations about several areas of research, from basics to advanced levels. For more information:

Some members of our group will present Traditional and Eletronic Posters during these days:

Monday, 24 April 2017

1496- Improving Arterial Spin Labeling Acquisition to Reduce the Effect of Delayed Arrival Time

Author: Paschoal, Andre; Leoni, Renata; dos Santos, Antonio; Foerster, Bernd; Paiva, Fernando

Session: Traditional Poster Pulse Sequences Time: 08:15

3650 - Paramagnetic Ions Quantification Using QSM and EPR in Human Brain

Author: Barbosa, Jeam; Emidio, Rafael; Alho, Ana Tereza; Otaduy, Maria; Amaro, Edson; Barbosa Junior, Fernando; Baffa Filho, Oswaldo; Salmon, Carlos

Session: Electronic Poster Electric Property Imaging & Clinical QSM Time: 16:15

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

4123 - Constant Decline in Alzheimer's Disease: A Brain Morphometry Study.

Author: Barbosa, Jeam; Bernardes da Silva Filho, Silvio; Rondinoni, Carlo; Santos, Antonio; Salmon, Carlos, Costa Lima, Nereida; Ferriolli, Eduardo; Moriguti, Júlio

Session: Electronic Poster Alzheimer's Disease Time: 13:45

4265 - Cross-Sectional Assessment of Diffusion Parameters in Specific Brain Tracts Correlated with Cortical Thinning Throughout Healthy Aging

Author: Pinto, Maíra; dos Santos, Antônio; Salmon, Carlos

Session: Electronic Poster Normal & Aging Brain Time: 13:45

4277- Evaluation of Aging Effects om Cerebral Hemodynamics by Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Author:Santos Silva, João; Oliveira, Ícaro; Paschoal, André; Leoni, Renata

Session: Electronic Poster Normal & Aging Brain Time: 14:45

1964 - Quantification of Dendronized Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles in Rat Liver Using Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping

Author: Barbosa, Jeam; Miladi, Imen; Poulet, Patrick; Deh, Kofi; Wang, Yi; Salmon, Carlos

Session: Traditional Poster Electric Property Imaging & Susceptibility Imaging Time:; 16:15

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

4599 - Improving Attention Through Network-Based Neurofeedback Training

Author: Pamplona, Gustavo; Scharnowski, Frank; Koush, Yury; Salmon, Carlos

Session: Electronic Poster Functional MRI: Miscellaneous Time: 08:15

4615- The Potential of MRI as a Biomarker in Elderly Patients with Asymptomatic Unilateral Internal Carotid Artery Stenosis

Author: Silva, Pedro Henrique; Camargo, Ana Paula; Paschoal, André; Pontes-Neto, Octavio; Leoni, Renata

Session: Electronic Poster Cerebrovascular Disease Time: 08:15

2249- Cerebral Perfusion in Schizophrenia: An Arterial Spin Labeling Study

Author: Oliveira, Icaro; Guimaraes, Tiago; Souza, Roberto; Santos, Antonio; Hallak, Jaime; Leoni, Renata

Session: Traditional Poster Psychiatric Neuroimaging Time: 13:45

2371 - Association Between Whole Brain Functional Connectivity and Cortical Thickness Throughout Healthy Aging

Author: Vieira, Bruno; Salmon, Carlos

Session: Traditional Poster Aging Brain & Dementia Time: 13:45

Stay tunned for updates in the next days.


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