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InBrain - New publication at NeuroImage!

We are happy to announce that the manuscript titled "Evidence of regional associations between age-related inter-individual differences in resting-state functional connectivity and cortical thinning revealed through a multi-level analysis", authored by Bruno H. Vieira, Carlo Rondinoni and Prof. Carlos E. G. Salmon, was accepted for publication in NeuroImage!

This work is fruit of Bruno's Master's dissertation, completed on early 2018, with further collaboration by Carlo and under the supervision of Prof. Garrido.

In this work, the authors studied the observable effects of aging in the brain, employing anatomical and functional magnetic resonance imaging. These effects, such as changes in the connectivity between different brain areas and overall cortical atrophy, have been known for a long time. However, their interrelationship has been seldomly explored. The author's showed that changes in connectivity, fractional amplitude of functional signal and cortical thickness are positively related to each other. However, on a regional basis, these correlations can be either positive or negative, with implications towards the Scaffolding Theory of Aging and Cognition (STAC).

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