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Visit to 7T MRI Scanner - PISA - SP

In this Thursday, December 14th, our lab members visited the InRad department of the Clinical Hospital of Sao Paulo aiming to start a new collaboration in studies with the 7T MRI scanner, which is one of the only three 7T scanner in the South Hemisphere.

The purpose of our visit was to know the structure of the center, the equipment and strengthen our relations with the InRad team and members of PISA project (Plataforma de Imagens na Sala de Autópsia, en Imaging platform of autopsy room).

During the visit all of our members presented their expertises to expose with what we can collaborate. After that we started the experiments, performing our first imaging tests in the 7T scanner.

We want to thank very much all PISA members for the reception, specially Khallil Taverna Chaim, who made the visit possible and guided us during the experiments. We are very hopeful that this collaboration will be great for everyone involved.

More information about PISA can be found in

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