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ISMRM 2018 - Accepted Abstracts

Last Friday, February 02nd, the International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine disclosed the list of accepted abstracts for the Joint Annual Meeting ISMRM-ESMRMB 2018, Paris expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France.

We are pleased to announce that our lab had six accepted abstracts. Here is the list of those studies:

  • Regularized nonnegative least-square fitting for intravoxel incoherent motion data processing: a simulation study - Paschoal, A. M.; Leoni, R. F.; Paiva, F. F.

  • Brain connectivity assessment between rest condition and verbal fluency task through Arterial Spin Labeling - Paschoal, A. M.; Paiva, F. F.; Leoni, R. F.

  • A methodology to study brain specialization and integration during the information processing - Silva, P. H. R.; Leoni, R. F.

  • Structural and functional brain connectivity highlights in neurosensorial profound deafness - Silva, P. H. R.; Senra Filho, A. C. S.; Senra, K. D. D.; Leoni, R. F.; Murta Junior, L. O.; Santos, A. C.

  • Carotid stenosis: a risk factor for white matter disease even at presymptomatic stage - Silva, P. H. R.; Camargo, A. P. A.; Santos, A. C.; Senra Filho, A. C. S.; Murta Junior, L. O.; Pontes Neto, O. M.; Leoni, R. F.

  • Group Analysis of Healthy Aging Microstructural Integrity Parameters - Pinto, M. S.; Santos, A. C.; Salmon, C. E. G.

More information about accepted abstracts is available at

Congratulation to everyone involved with these works!

See you in Paris :D

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