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InBrain at the 2019 OHBM Annual Meeting

This year's OHBM Annual Meeting was held in Roma, Italy, from June 9th to 13th.

At this year's OHBM Annual Meeting we've got the biggest delegation of InBrain members and alumni ever to be present in an international event.

The following works were presented (their abstracts and E-posters can be searched here:

  • Insights from a simple neural architecture predicting general intelligence from resting-state FC (Bruno Hebling Vieira, Carlos Garrido Salmon)

  • Network-based fMRI-neurofeedback training applied to sustained attention (Gustavo Pamplona, Jennifer Heldner, Robert Langner, Yury Koush, Lars Michels, Silvio Ionta, Frank Scharnowski, Carlos Garrido Salmon)

  • Effective Connectivity of Semantic Verbal Fluency: A Model of Dual Streams (Isabella Arrigo, Pedro da Silva, Renata Leoni)

  • Reorganization of the DMN in Information Processing: the role of Precuneus and Posterior Cingulate (Pedro da Silva, Carlo Rondinoni, Renata Leoni)

  • Organization of semantic verbal fluency brain network assessed by dual-echo arterial spin labeling (Andre Monteiro Paschoal, Pedro Henrique da Silva, Carlo Rondinoni, Isabella Arrigo, Fernando Paiva, Renata Leoni)

  • Structural and Functional Information Processing Speed Brain Networks: From Connections to Cognition (Pedro da Silva, Renata Leoni)

Ciao, speriamo di tornare!

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