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New InBrain publication at Neurological Sciences

We are happy to communicate that the manuscript titled "Age-related assessment of diffusion parameters in specific brain tracts correlated with cortical thinning", whose authors are Maíra S. Pinto, Antonio C. dos Santos, and Carlos E. Garrido Salmon was accepted for publication in the journal Neurological Sciences.

This study is a result of Maíra's Master dissertation at the InBrain Lab under the supervision of Carlos Garrido.

In the article, the authors evaluated the relation between white matter and cortical gray matter integrity parameter alterations, in major brain tracts and its cortical endings, knowing that both are strongly driven by the age effect. Cortical thickness measurements and diffusion parameters were taken as integrity biomarkers for the aging process and the correlation between those was assessed, removing the age effect. Based on the linear model described on the paper, cortical thickness of the specific cortical areas has not a true mediation relationship with diffusion metrics (FA or MD) of the tracts linking these cortical areas in the aging process, except for in the fornix. In this tract, the subcallosal gyrus thinning is mediating FA and MD variations.

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